Meet the Robot

We house and operate a SISU C20 - a two thousand pound cinema robot with a two meter reach.

Don't let it's large stature fool you! It can produce repeatable movements within two thousandths of an inch while moving at twenty-three feet per second.

Our crew can prep a camera move in just a few minutes, and create a series of unique, professional shots in a short studio day.

What is Cinema Robotics?

Also known as motion control, cinema robotics utilizes a large, six-axis robotic arm to operate a camera with unmatched speed and accuracy.

This control allows for precise movements in high speed scenarios, and indefinite repeatability for complex visual-effects.

Benefits of Cinema Robotics

• Precision movements
• Indefinite & Uniform Repeatability
• Built-in FIZ Control (Focus, Iris, Zoom)
• Wide Range of Movement
• No Camera Operator Error

Cinema Robotics Use Cases

Using cinema robotics improves macro video, focus racks, high speed action, and slow motion content. For any creative, out-of-the-box cinematography,  the robot can handle it with ease and amplify the professional look.