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High Speed Video, Precision Macro Control

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Motion Control

Achieve unparalleled precision in your shots with our motion control services. Our state-of-the-art motion control rigs and experienced operators allow for complex, repeatable camera movements, enabling creative freedom and technical accuracy in your cinematography. Perfect for visual effects sequences and intricate shot compositions.

Motion Control


High Speed Video Capture

Cutting-Edge High-Speed Video Capture

Pause Time with 1000 FPS+

Capture the unseen with our high-speed video capture services. Perfect for slow-motion effects, our technology ensures every detail is preserved, no matter how fast the action.

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  • Satisfying Slow-Mo Shots
  • Perfect for Food, Beverages, and More
  • Repeatable and Steady
  • Precise, and High-Speed
  • Bring out All the Detail

Integrated Motion Control Special Effects

Cutting-Edge Motion Control Engineering

Precision in Motion

Elevate your production with our integrated motion control rigs, including launchers, droppers, and spinners. These engineering marvels bring precision and creativity to your shots, enabling dynamic, visually stunning results.

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  • Dropped and Launcher Systems
  • Programmable Rigs
  • Precise and Customizable
  • Designed for Accuracy and Repetition
  • Remote Controllable

Cinema Robot Operation

Cinema Robot Operation

Robots are Taking Over The World

Using cinema robotics improves macro video, focus racks, high speed action, and slow motion content. For any creative, out-of-the-box cinematography, the robot can handle it with ease and amplify the professional look. Our crew can prep a camera move in just a few minutes, and create a series of unique, professional shots in a short studio day.

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  • Precision Movements
  • Indefinite and Uniform Repeatability
  • Built in FIZ Control (Focus, Iris, Zoom)
  • Wide Range of Movement
  • No Camera Operator Error

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