140 Years of Work In Motion


Stebbins Engineering


Mountain House Media embarked on a three-month journey to create "140 Years of Work in Motion," a captivating video for Stebbins Engineering's 140th anniversary. Tasked with documenting the labor-intensive process of Stebbins' tile manufacturing for harsh industrial applications, our teams ventured into challenging and confined spaces, from towering scaffolds to active construction sites across remote locations. The project entailed meticulous coordination with job sites, adherence to stringent safety protocols, and comprehensive pre-production planning, ensuring every aspect was captured precisely. Our crew skillfully navigated these environments, gathering dynamic footage that illustrated the dedication and expertise of the workers. This visual narrative was enhanced by integrating hundreds of historic photographs, tracing Stebbins Engineering's legacy back to its origins. The final piece—a brand anthem video—was crafted without a voiceover to create a powerful hype reel that celebrates the company's past accomplishments and showcases its ongoing commitment to excellence in its field. The intensive post-production process involved close collaboration with Stebbins Engineering to ensure the video aligned with their vision, resulting in a compelling piece that effectively conveyed the spirit and impact of their work. This effort was recognized with a Silver Addy at the Rochester Advertising Federation Addy Advertising Awards in the non-broadcast entertainment category