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Who We Are

Creatives, Techies, Professional Nerds

Mountain House Media is a global commercial production & post company. Our mission is to help brands, businesses, and agencies produce award-winning commercials, films, and television shows with a no idea is too ambitious mentality. Our promise to our clients, team, and communities is to go the extra mile in everything we do. Over the past seven years, Mountain House Media has served clients like Doritos, Mountain Dew, Cisco, A&E, History Channel, NFL, ESPN, PGA, Forbes, and agencies like Butler Till, Motive, Cargo, Smyle, Juice CG, and Simple Science.

Our STory

Founded in 2017

Mountain House Media was founded in 2017 by Jeremiah Gryczka & Andrew Sevigny shortly after the two worked together on a class project at the Rochester Institute of Technology. When that project went on to win awards the two teamed up to create Mountain House Media. Together, the two have grown the company with a core focus on unbeatable quality, innovative technology, and reliable workflows.

"We never planned on making commercials for big brands or leading the charge in new production tech. Mountain House Media started because we wanted to do a few simple things: tell compelling stories, tackle challenging projects, collaborate with ambitious creatives, and most of all, enjoy every minute of it."

- Jeremiah Gryczka, Founder & CEO

"Building on that passion, we constently push to develop, integrate and offer new tech-enabled services like Virtual Production, Motion Control, XR and VFX we strive to provide services that empower directors, producers, and cinematographers to bring their wildest dreams to life."

— Andrew Sevigny, Co-Founder & CTO

Since then Mountain House Media has grown from a small business providing nonprofits and local businesses with high-quality video content to a global commercial production & post-company serving Fortune 1000 businesses, globally recognized brands, and agencies.

Our Locations

when & Where You Need Us

New York, NY

los angeles, CA

Rochester, NY

chicago, IL

What Makes Us Different?


We actively invest in new production technologies and state-of-the-art studios that push the bounds of creative limitations so we can do more for our clients. Bringing Hollywood production technology like virtual production, cinema robotics / motion control and motion capture to your projects.


Workflow creates repeatability, efficiency and reliability. MHM is always adapting to more efficient workflows, creating reusable assets and graphics, and most importantly archiving your footage to use in future projects. Goodbye, lost footage, corrupted files, and 6 month long turn arounds.


Working with us should feel as if you are working with a member of your own team. Clear and defined outcomes, timelines and deliverables set the foundation of a great client relationship. We take every opportunity to leverage your input and exceed your expectations.


We seriously know our craft, with a combined experience of 30+ years Mountain House Media doesn't deliver your "average bear" of a product. Our team is made up of cinema, film and television experts looking to drive your production quality to the next level.

Meet The Team

And the Office Dogs