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Pre Production

Plan. Prepare. Produce.

Dive into production with confidence, thanks to our complete suite of pre-production services. From securing permits & releases, crafting detailed production schedules, to meticulous budgeting and management—we cover it all. Our team ensures every shot list and call sheet is precise, alongside seamless travel and logistics arrangements.

Pre Production


Production Budgeting

Financial Clarity for Your Project

Budgeting Without the Guesswork

Achieve financial precision with our comprehensive budgeting services. We provide detailed, transparent cost analysis to keep your production within financial boundaries.

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  • Detailed Budget Planning
  • Transparent Costs
  • Vendor and Expense Management
  • Cost Control Strategies

Production Scheduling

Precision in Planning

When Time is of the Essence

Tailor your production timeline to perfection. Our meticulous scheduling identifies the optimal sequence and timing, keeping your project on track from start to finish.

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  • Detailed Production Timeline
  • Analysis of Script and Scene Requirements
  • Scheduling for Cast and Crew
  • Conflict Resolution and Planning
  • Integration of Post-Production

Permits & Releases

Securing Your Project's Foundation

The First Step to a Clear Path

Navigate the legal landscape with ease. We handle all permits and releases, ensuring your production is set on solid ground, compliant, and ready for action.

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  • Comprehensive Planning for Permits and Releases
  • Ability to Require Necessary Documents
  • Gain Access to Closed-Off Locations
  • Shoot Without Worry of Additional Fees or Charges
  • Legally and Industry Compliant


Model & On Camera Talent Casting

Ensuring Your Characters Come to Life

Find the ideal faces for your project. Our casting services connect you with talent that embodies your characters, ensuring a perfect fit for every role.

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  • Connect Yourself With the Best Actors
  • Find the Perfect Fit for Each Role
  • Get Access to a Variety of Models
  • Reliable, Trained, and Backed

Location Scouting

Finding Prime Locations

Know What Your Walking Into

Discover the perfect backdrop for your narrative with our comprehensive location scouting services. We find locations that enhance your story's authenticity and visual appeal.

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  • Pre-Planned Location Scouting
  • Perfect Spots for your Story and Shoot
  • Add to your Creative Visuals
  • Let Us Handle Getting Your Permits
  • Find the Ideal Backdrop

Travel & Transport

Seamless Logistics Solutions

Moving Your Production Forward

We manage all travel, transport, and accommodation logistics, ensuring a hassle-free move from one location to another, so you can focus on what you do best—creating.

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  • Let us Handle the Coordination
  • Pre-Planned Travel and Transport
  • Incident and and Contingency Ready
  • Reliable and Consistent Solutions
  • Transport People, Gear, and Much More

Costume & Wardrobe

Costume & Wardrobe

Every Sailor Needs a Good Suit

We provide everything from custom designs to on-set management, ensuring the cast's attire is perfectly aligned with your vision. With a vast inventory and an expert team, we cater to all genres and can accommodate even your historic or high-fashion needs. Our commitment is to enhance your actors through meticulous attention to detail and authenticity.

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  • Custom Costume Design
  • On-set Support
  • Historical and Genre-Specific Attire Sourcing
  • Costume Continuity
  • Accessory Matching and Customization

Shot Lists

Visualizing Success

Every Shot Counts

We meticulously plan each frame, ensuring that no moment is missed. Our shot lists are the blueprint for capturing your vision.

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  • Technical Planning for Camera Angles
  • Storyboard Development
  • Lighting Design Planning
  • Scene Blocking
  • Real-time Shot Adjustments

Call Sheets

Coordination Made Simple

Roll Call for Production Day

Start each day informed and organized. Our call sheets offer a comprehensive overview of the day's schedule, locations, and on-set expectations for cast and crew.

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  • Detailed Daily Schedules
  • Descriptive Location Details
  • Timely Updates and Adjustments
  • Customized Notes and Instructions
  • Compliance Reminders

Props & Special Effects

Props & Special Effects

Cool Guys Need Sunglasses and Explosions

Whether you need a whimsical prop or a jaw-dropping special effect, we've got your back. We have everything you need, thanks to a vast array of props in-house and a slew of tools to create anything we don't. Our props and special effects will help give your production that last percent it needs to turn from good to great.

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  • Custom Prop Design
  • Fabrication
  • Digital and Practical Visual Effects
  • Environmental Special Effects
  • Makeup

Production Insurance

Comprehensive Production Insurance

Protected Creativity

Safeguard your project with our production insurance services. From equipment to liability, we cover all aspects to ensure your creative process is secure and worry-free.

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  • Comprehensive Equipment Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Coverage for Delays
  • Customizable Policies for Your Needs

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