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Virtual Production

Step into the future of filmmaking with our virtual production services. Combining real-time rendering, LED walls, and advanced camera tracking, we create immersive environments that blend physical and digital worlds. This innovative approach offers filmmakers unprecedented creative control and flexibility in visual storytelling.

Virtual Production


Object 3D Scans

Object 3D Scans

Creating Virtual Models of Real World Objects

Elevate your digital products with our 3D object scanning services, providing highly detailed and accurate digital replicas of physical objects.

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  • High-Resolution 3D Scanning
  • Texture and Color Mapping
  • Scalable Solutions for Small and Large Uses
  • CAD-compatible
  • On-Site Services

Motion Capture Animation

Detailed Character Motion Capture

Bringing Characters to Life

Our character motion capture services bring your digital creations to life with realistic movements and behaviors. Perfect for games and animations, we capture the essence of motion, enhancing the realism of your projects.

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  • Full-Body Motion Capture
  • High-Precision for Detail and Realism
  • Real-time Capture on Set
  • Post-Capture Processing
  • Rigging and Skinning Services

Facial Motion Capture Animation

Advanced Facial Motion Capture

Capturing Every Emotion Digitally

Capture the subtleties of facial expressions with our facial motion capture technology. Ideal for animations and VFX, our services ensure your characters' emotions are conveyed realistically and compellingly.

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  • High-Resolution Motion Capture
  • Integration of Motion Data
  • Custom Rigging and Setup
  • Emotion Mapping
  • On-Set Capture

Virtual Avatar

Custom Virtual Avatars Creation

Your Digital Persona

Create your unique presence in the digital world with our custom virtual avatars. Perfect for gaming, virtual reality, and online interactions, our avatars are designed to reflect your personality and style in the virtual space.

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  • Personalized Avatar Design
  • Wide Range of Customization Options
  • Real-Time Motion Capture Integration
  • Digital Wardrobe for Styling

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