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30 Second Commercial Spot

Every small business need a marketing video, we create everything from social media marketing videos & informational videos to TV commercials.

Aerial Video

Show off your home, survery a property and add style to your videos.Mountain House Media is fully liscensed and insured!

Documentary Production

Crafting interviews in to cinematic narations takes the most skilled hand.

Aerial Video is a great way to establish a shot, survey a property, or advertise your real estate.


Motion Graphics

Logo Introductions

If you are looking to introduce your business web content, a animated logo intro / motion graphic is a simple, flashy way to start off your video.


Commercial Graphics

Commercial Motion Graphics for :30 - 1:00 Minute Commercial content.

Kinetic Typography

Make a statement to a music video with kinetic typography, animated to audio. Our graphic designers work hand in hand with animators to bring your video to life.


Video Augmentation

Utilizing motion type and graphic effects we annoate and highlight features of a product and its functions