Intervols 30th Anniversary

Intervol has spent the last 30 years making an impact both internationally and locally through medicial supply donations and volunteer medical professionals. To celebrate this Intervol wants to turn the focus forward and talk about how the next generation of volunteers make this possible.

Project Details



InterVol is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting those in need to materials, people, and opportunities. With a mission to engage humanitarian efforts worldwide, InterVol recovers and redistributes medical supplies that would otherwise go to waste. In addition, InterVol provides volunteer opportunities to medical professionals and aspiring educators, cultivating a network that benefits people in need.

The Future of Intervol

With this video, we sought to inspire a new generation of volunteers and sponsors to begin working with InterVol. We focused on the impact a corporation’s partnership with InterVol could have on the individuals that InterVol helps, and also on the positive effect involvement with InterVol can have on the corporations themselves. We also used personal testimony from volunteers, explaining how their lives have been enriched by working with InterVol. By demonstrating how rewarding these volunteers have found the experience, we aimed to pass along this humanitarian goal to a new set of potential volunteers.

InterVol 30th Anniversary Video

In this video commemorating InterVol’s 30th anniversary, we communicated the importance of volunteering and business partnership to InterVol’s ability to complete their mission. InterVol’s programs couldn't run without the help of volunteers. Their Recovery of Unused Medical Supplies program (RUMS) requires volunteers to sort through all donated medical supplies before it can be sent to areas in need. The Volunteer Medical Professionals program (VMP) sees medical professionals donating their time and money to travel and provide medical consultation to patients. We focused on these programs’ dependance on volunteers and donations to demonstrate how vital volunteerism and community involvement are to fulfilling InterVol’s mission.

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