Heritage Christians Services Award Videos

Heritage Christian Services is an organization focused on human service, working to ensure that everyone, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, feels valued and respected. We worked with HCS to produce videos on two awards they’ve given out as well as important updates on their work from the past year.

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Heritage Christian Services

A Year In Impact

In this video, we reported the impact Heritage Christian Services has made in the past year. Through the efforts of their team members and the volunteers who donated 112,000 hours of their time, HCS raised $826,035 last year. We also focused on the impact HCS has had on those they work with directly, who thank the organization for their dedication.

Heritage Christian 2018 Community Partner Award

The Community Partner Award is given to organizations with a dedication to benefiting their community. Our video focuses on the 2018 recipient, Home Leasing. In the video, we covered how Home Leasing worked with HCS to provide housing units to those in need and ensured all units were wheelchair accessible to maximize occupants’ independence.

Jobina Bruinsma Memorial Award

This award recognizes a team member of Heritage Christian who displays Christian leadership, strength of character, and outstanding advocacy. We produced a video centering on the most recent recipient of the award, Renee Pradia. We interviewed Renee’s fellow team members, focusing on their attestments to her integrity, warmth, and other qualities that make her a deserving recipient of the honor.

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