Bariatric Surgery Seminar

Rochester Regional Health

The Bariatric Surgery Team at Rochester Regional Health offers life-changing weight loss surgery to candidates who have tried diet and exercise before with little success.  We partnered with the team at Rochester Regional Health Bariatric Surgery Center to create a series of videos for an online seminar about bariatric surgery options. Seminars were used to   remarket to patients who may have intended to join a seminar or those who attended, but still wish to know more about whether bariatric surgery is right for them. The videos showcase interviews with the surgery team, walking the viewer through the needs for surgery, different types of surgery, and the process leading up to and following the procedure itself. We also included personal testimony from past surgery patients, detailing their struggle with weight prior to surgery and the positive effects that the surgery and weight loss have had on their lives. The online seminar videos communicate necessary information about Rochester Regional Health’s team and on bariatric surgery itself, accomplishing our goal of informing those with questions on the topic.