Mountain House Media  Media Release

I,________________________________, for consideration received, do hereby grant to Mountain House Media LLC , and its respective individuals,employees, photographers, videographers, representatives,
successors and assigns the absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission, for any purpose
whatsoever and without further notice to me or any other further consent or authorization from me to use,
reproduce, broadcast, telecast , announce, publish, present, and display my name, likeness, features, voice,
manual language expressions, identity,resemblance, quotations or photographs; whether alone or in
combination, and whether contained or depicted in any photographs, pictures, video, television, digital
motion and other electronic media images or other recorded materials of me or in which I may be
included with others, either still or moving, live or delayed, or otherwise including any written quotes of
information that I readily shared with interviewers; and to copyright same and use individually or in any
and all media now and in the future for illustration, promotion art, editorial, advertising, and trade or any
other purpose and to use my name in conjunction with the above.
I agree that I am entitled to no compensation for any such use of my name, likeness, features, voice,
identity, resemblance, quotations or photographs other than what may have already been given to me, or
agreed upon in such payment.
I assign Mountain House Media LLC all rights, title and interest that I may have in the above referenced material and
waive all claim and title thereto and therefor. And I do hereby release Mountain House Media LLC, its respective
individuals,employees, photographers, videographers, representatives, successors including the person
taking or producing the above mentioned reference material, now and forever, from any actions, suits,
claims, covenants, damages, executions, demands and liabilities which I or my heirs, representatives,
successors and assigns ever had, now have or may have arising out of the aforesaid authorization and
consent, without limitation, including any claim for libel or alleged misrepresentation of me by virtue of
alterations or faulty mechanical reproductions.

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